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It is an accepted reality in the multiverse that no matter what the legal issue, system or jurisdiction Michael Mehas appears in, there's likely to be a war. His clients walk into any case or court backed by Michael's considerable knowledge and training, plus thirty years experience litigating highly complex issues in civil law and criminal defense, smashing heads with prosecutors and insurance giants, and attacking corrupt institutions like Big Pharma and the Western central bank fiat currency financial system.

Michael has invested more than three decades battling for the rights of the sovereign individual, as an attorney, advocate, and activist. He has defended clients in all matters of criminal defense, from white collar financial crimes to keeping defendants off Death Row. He has fought against governmental institutions who would prosecute children as adults.

Michael is an award winning author and blogger who has produced films in Hollywood. He worked inside with high profile Architects and Engineers and top Hollywood stars, producers, writers and directors to make a major motion picture exposing the truth behind 911, only to have Hollywood, Washington, and other power elites crush the project for political reasons. Internationally he has represented global royalty, whistleblowers, Angels and financial institutions in global financial banking matters, working toward bringing "God's Wealth" back to "the People" of the world and the gold backing of global currencies as part of the new financial system.

Through Divine Inspiration Michael's efforts support America's elderly and veterans of foreign wars who are battling for their lives against major institutions as their suffering continues to grow louder. The VA and America's private healthcare system are squeezing the lives out of those who depend on them most. American veterans and senior citizens are being drugged and sedated at record levels, there's not enough money for qualified caretakers to adequately care for their physical and mental health needs, and they receive very little nutrition in their physical or spiritual diets. Military veterans and seniors pose as two sides of the same "abuse" and "neglect" home and healthcare coin.

The Western medical establishment, Big Pharma, the FDA, real estate investment corporations, and corporate shareholders maximizing profits fuel this expanding travesty. That's why Michael obsesses with facilitating change regarding how American veterans and the elderly receive home and healthcare. Changes must be made now in American healthcare. Millions of Americans' lives are dependent upon healthcare transformation because the next twenty years will witness the number of aging and vulnerable Baby Boomers to grow exponentially, and the present model of care is a huge failure. There's no adequate healthcare infrastructure in place, only profit motivated institutions cutting into each others' thinning profit margins while trimming back the fat of actual caretaking.

Medications, surgery, and medical devices do not heal disease and related symptoms. American veterans and senior citizens deserve better opportunites at achieving higher quality of life, which they are not getting presently. Their voices may be low and sometimes silent, but Michael's is not. There is no time for rest in the land of the oppressed. Sleep is for the dead. Now is the time to speak up and act ...

... because this problem is worldwide. The global financial crisis has witnessed hundreds of millions of civilians of the world suffer as does the aging American population. Combined with growing "globilization", international trade, the Internet, and international finance, there is a growing need to take this battle to care for the betterment of humanity to an international level. Michael has found international law to be instrumental in developing relationships dealing with a growing area of practice involving the likes of the UN, WTO, WHO, and national governments that are quickly recognizing that the many aspects of "Internationalism" demand new laws and adequate jurisdiction, both of which are hugely lacking at this time.


Representative Turning Points

  • · Michael began as a rising star in the Riverside County Public Defender's office becoming a seasoned trial veteran, including co-counseling a high-profile Death Penalty case in only his third trial. His vast courtroom exposure and trial experience catapulted Michael into private practice in civil and criminal law in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.
  • · Michael added family law to his legal repertoire when in 1999 he teamed up with ageless family law specialist Donna Santo, with whom he has founded the Family Law and Wealth Preservation Mediation Center, and had clerked for back in the 80s in Santa Barbara when they both served Hannah Beth Jackson, Esq., now a longtime California State Senator.
  • · Michael defended high-profile medical marijuana prosecutions in the late 90s against the state and federal U.S. government in California working with some of the state's top criminal defense attorneys. He was the first attorney from Ventura County to represent medical marijuana patients after Californians voted the Compassionate Use Act into law in 1996.
  • · Michael worked with famed film producer, political activist and humanitarian Aaron Russo attempting to produce a major motion picture about an undercover DEA agent's efforts to obtain "alternative" healthcare, including medical marijuana, for his wife who was dying from cancer, something for which he had previously busted hundreds of people.
  • · Michael worked in Hollywood with the father of independent filmmaking John Cassavetes and writer / director Nick Cassavetes. Project highlights include producing and writing on Justin Timberlake's big screen debut, Alpha Dog, co-writing with writer-director Nick Cassavetes on original screenplay re true story about notorious drug dealer Freeway Rick Ross, the CIA, cocaine, Iran-Contras, and assassinated journalist Gary Webb, and authoring award-winning novel Stolen Boy.
  • · Michael blogged and generated a campaign to bring attention to the world that children should not be prosecuted as adults. He fought to save youngest man ever on the FBI's Most Wanted List Jesse James Hollywood from the death penalty and 14-year-old Brandon McInerney from being prosecuted as an adult.
  • · For the past ten years Michael's work has focused on sovereign global institutions in finance, banking, and gold, which includes the security, accounting and transference of major assets that back the development of world currencies and the new global financial system, as it ties into global humanitarian aid. Michael's internationally renowned financial blog series entitled GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM has awakened the world to the realities of gold and how it plays in international finance.
  • · Maybe most importantly, Michael passionately serves God as an advocate and attorney demanding a new model of alternative healing home and healthcare for all American veterans and senior citizens, versus the sedate-them-until-death-due-us-part-because-it-enhances-our-shareholders'-pocketbooks mentality that pervades both the public and private home and healthcare industries today. He works tirelessly to accomplish this on an international level.



  • · Academy of Justice School of Advocacy, Riverside, California, 1989; trained in all aspects of criminal trial preparation, management and resolution.
  • · Pepperdine University School of Law, JD, 1988
  • · Pepperdine University, BA., 1982

Professional Activities

  • · California State Bar Association
  • · Ventura County Bar Association


Michael has served his community through the Ventura Stakeholder Committee, Safe Housing, Save Wright Library Campaign, Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation, California Medical Marijuana Defense, Juvenile Rights Advocate, Transformational Third Thursdays Community Workshop, American Veterans and Elderly Home and Healthcare Rights, and gold backing America's new currency.